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Upholstered walls are a unique alternative to style a room. It is possible to create a soft, luxurious, atmosphere that cannot be duplicated with wallpaper. A designer can integrate specific textures, colors, and patterns throughout a room, by coordinating soft furnishings with walls.

Wall Upholstery NY

Wall upholstery also provides several functional benefits as well as design enhancement.

  • Covers most structural imperfections in a wall’s surface.
  • Improves a room’s sound control in cinemas, home theaters and recording studios.
  • Alters the existing lighting in a room.
  • Applies over almost all types of surfaces  – wall paper, wood paneling, textured paint, and brick.

Our upholsterers can use traditional techniques (double welt / blind tacked) or modern techniques (tracking systems / upholstered panels) depending on the specific needs of the designer.

Commercial installations, such as restaurants, hotels, ballrooms, recording studios, and just about any application that requires practical beauty will benefit from upholstered walls. The end result is a durable, long lasting wall covering.