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We have Fabric solutions for every aspect of your design project.

Our curated fabric library includes every type of fabric imaginable, woven sheers, patterns for upholstery weight and fabrics for all types of window treatments.  Our selection of stunning Leathers and suedes, vinyls and ultra suedes is incomparable.  Our consultants will guide you and help you find the perfect color and pattern for your project.  Our Library is complete and offers up to date and brilliant choices in every price range. Most of our fabrics are in stock and we are happy to send you samples tailored to your current projects.  Our in house Interior design team can help you choose fabrics that will enhance and beautify every room in your home!  Our clients are invited to visit our workroom, bring your plans, photos and swatches with you.

Designer Fabrics

Designer Collections

Stunning Designs and Materials

Fernando’s Upholstery & Design Workroom has thousands of fabrics to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a specialty fabric or designer fabrics, we have what you are looking for! Thousands of Fabrics available with different patterns, textures, weights and colors. Contact Us Today and Let Us Help Your Achieve The Look You Want!